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Take Time For Peace

I know what it’s like to be busy. I’m seven months pregnant with my first baby, I’m a more-than-full-time college student in upper division classes, and I work part-time. But I learned this week that even if I accomplish everything that “needs” done, I still feel like I’ve accomplished absolutely nothing if I haven’t taken time to care of myself.

It doesn’t take much for me. Eat. Sleep. Laugh a little. You know, everything they tell us to do. But this week I realized how important a simple moment of peace is, and how far that peace can take me.

I’ve found that peace can rarely be planned. I don’t usually look at my schedule and say, “Okay, I’m going to plan in a 30-second peace session after breakfast, and then on Tuesday I’ll take a few minutes before class…” For me, peace comes when it comes, and it’s up to me to take advantage of the moment, or breeze on by.

As a religious person, I feel that a simple, peaceful moment meets a different kind of spiritual need that we can’t necessarily see or anticipate, but we know it’s there when our tank runs empty. I think it’s God reminding us that he’s still there and that he knows that our hearts needs to take a breather. I also think it’s His invitation to just. be. still.

So, I’ve decided to do the best I can to take peaceful moments as they come. Instead of passing up the opportunity to observe a beautiful sunset (because there will be other sunsets, right?), or putting off a moment to just enjoy my baby moving, I’ve decided to take a picture of that sunset, or sit still and count the kicks, because I know that there may be more sunsets, and there may be more kicks, but THIS exact moment will never come again.

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My Peaceful Moments This Week

To start recognizing the peaceful moments in my life, I’ve decided to reflect on the last few days and write down the moments that I’ve had:

  1. Took a picture of a sunset on my way home from class.
  2. Let a little boy I was babysitting feel my baby kick (he was ecstatic).
  3. Went to spoil myself with a sixty cent ice cream bar from the school vending machine (because I’m always hungry now), and instead said a prayer of gratitude when two ice cream bars fell out.
  4. Got to smile as I taught my primary kids to be grateful for fish (yes, that was the lesson title). They got a kick out of my homemade fishing pole made out of a wooden spoon, birthday ribbon, and a paper clip.

These moments didn’t take long, but looking back I can see that their effects have been long-lasting. I’m so grateful I decided to give precedence to something so small, because it’s made a big difference.

What peaceful moments have you noticed in your life this past week? I’d love to hear from you!


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